1. Non-surgical Treatment/Reversal of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) - EECP (Enhanced Extertnal Counter Pulsation)
  2. Obesity Treatment (Non-surgical heart treatment)
  3. Identification and Control of Risk factors of CAD.
  4. Life Style Modifications for Longevity.
  5. Medical Consultations for all medical problems.
  6. Laboratory Services. We combine the benefits of modern allopathic research of the west with the wisdom of the east handed over ages to us by our forefathers. That is why our services are unique!
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Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

It is a new, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for patients suffering from Angina. It is safe and effective treatment providing sustained benefit in patients suffering from Coronary Artery Disease, Stable or Unstable Angina, and Heart failure. It could be the only alternative in patients who have undergone repeat angioplasties or bypass surgeries but have not got the relief, or in patients who can not undergo a bypass surgery or Angioplasty because of expenses or risks involved. In addition it is also useful in patients suffering from microvascular angina, ischemic cardiomyopathy and in cardiac patients whose hearts are not pumping sufficient blood (systolic dysfunction)

How is the treatment done?
It is typically provided on an outpatient basis in 35 one hour sessions over a period of approximately seven weeks. Additional hours may safely and effectively be added for better relief. Compressive cuffs (quite similar to blood pressure cuffs) in synchronization with the cardiac cycle increase diastolic perfusion pressure in the coronary arteries. This process leads to increase in coronary circulation by opening the dormant coronary vasculature (micro-circulation) and neovascularisation.

Needless to say this wonderful nonsurgical treatment for heart disease is approved by health authorities worldwide.



Overweight, Obese, Fatty, Plumpy that's what people call you at your back! Maybe you are simply overweight in the middle age group and also having high blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis or Heart disease - one or more of these common problems at the same time. Your fatty looks have shattered your confidence. You avoid gatherings. Lest people scoff at your looks. Hence no socialising. You have tried everything you came across to tackle this problem but failed in getting a lasting relief from it. Your goal of getting slim has started becoming an impossible dream and perhaps you are ready to give up trying! Hold your breath!! It is not true anymore. For now we have the key to unlock your Obesity problem to get you in a much better form..... Just see the inches disappearing from your body while you relish second or even third helpings of your favorite menu. "This is not dieting---THIS IS A BANQUET!", You will exclaim. Just as you get in to a better form the need to take medicines for Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, etc. is also reduced and some times totally eliminated. All this is done under the care of an expert physician who constantly monitors the body parameters for improvement.

Overweight treatment

Identification And Control Of Risk Factors

Ever wondered a full blown medical problem could have been prevented, had some physician guided you properly in the first instance? That is where the role of risk factors assumes significance. If you approach us early we can warn you about the likelihood of developing an impending medical problem so that urgent preventive measures could be taken immediately. Just in case you have already suffered from the problem we could advise measures that would bring back your disturbed parameters to normal so that the problem could be tackled and kept at bay.

RISK FACTORS of heart disease

Medical Consultations

Just in case you have been unfortunate to have suffered a medical problem, we would be too glad to guide you about your medical problem- its causes, symptoms, related investigations and tests and finally the treatment.

Our aim is to keep you fully informed on every aspect of your problem for only a well informed individual can only take the right decisions.


Life Style Modifications For Longevity

Add LIFE to your YEARS!

Add YEARS to your LIFE!!
Who does not want to live long?
But it should be a comfortable and energetic life. By carefully assessing your lifestyle, physical examination and body parameters we can put you on the right track for a long ,healthy and energetic life.

Life Style Modifications For Longevity

Laboratory Services

No Medical Centre is complete without reliable test reporting.

Our Laboratory technicians double check all samples to give you the most accurate reports. We offer you a complete range of Test reporting.

Laboratory technicians

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