EECP Heart Treatment: Enhanced External Cardiac Pulsation Therapy in India

Looking for effective EECP Treatment in Punjab, EECP Therapy in Haryana, Enhanced External Cardiac Pulsation Treatment in Himachal Pradesh, EECP Treatment in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)? Dr. Bedi Medical & Heart Centre is a premier cardiology hospital in India. We are successfully offering effective treatment for Angina and Heart Failure.

If you are suffering from angina and it is not cured with the medications, then you can contact Dr. Bedi to get it treated with EECP technique. Angina is a signal which tells you that your heart is not getting proper oxygen & blood supply and you start suffering chest pain, cough, pain in neck, jaws, shoulders, and arms, etc. Different people can feel the pain of angina in various ways, so whenever you feel such symptoms, then you can immediately consult with Dr. Bedi to commence your treatment on time to avoid further complications.

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