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"To treat , cure and prevent modern medical ailments through latest, affordable and non surgical innovations in medical science." Dr. Paramjit Singh Bedi M.B.B.S, D.F.M. P.G.D.H. & H.M., the man behind the show has been silently introducing the latest technologies in the region to bring about a positive revolution for the betterment of masses at affordable charges.

He was pioneer in introducing Extra corporeal ShockWave Lithotripsy (ESWL) for nonsurgical removal of Urinary stones in the region. Similarly he is the first one to start EECP in the region with excellent results. He is quick to start any treatment which has an edge over traditional techniques. With this psychology he has successfully incorporated many new therapeutic approaches including Dean Ornish Programme for reversal of Heart Disease, Dr. Atkin's programmes to treat chronic diseases including Obesity, Chelation treatment for oxidative stress, heavy metal poisoning and yoga techniques for a better soloution to psycho somatic illnesses.

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Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease are the commonest diseases afflicting mankind. While the first three can be treated inexpensively anywhere, it is a real challenge to treat Coronary Artery Disease in a cost effective manner without any risk. We all know the exorbitant expense required to treat it with stents or a bypass surgery. For patients who get the reimbursement or have an insurance cover it is manageable to have a bypass surgery or an angioplasty but a vast majority do not have the health insurance cover to be able to afford these exorbitantly expensive and risky procedures. EECP fills this gap. Not only is it inexpensive, it is a safe option for the Coronary Artery Disease patients achieving same or even better results than the traditional procedures. To deliver the best results we conduct treatments on the world's best equipment imported from the USA.

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Consult With Dr. Bedi Medical & Heart Centre For Availing Artery Clearance Treatment In Chandigarh!

In the present time, most of the people are suffering from the heart problems, and the death rate due to these issues is increasing at the rapid pace. People are commonly facing heart-related problems due to blockage in the arteries of the heart, and this problem is known as coronary artery disease. But in the modern medical world, you can now get treatment for this condition from the heart specialist doctors and live a healthy & active life. The typical symptoms of coronary heart diseases are chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, and cough so if you are facing these problems then you can avail coronary artery disease treatment in Chandigarh from Bedi Medical and Heart Centre.

The heart is the essential body muscle which pumps the blood throughout the body and beat 70 times in a minute. The networks of vessels which supply blood to the heart are known as coronary arteries, and you can face heart-related problems due to blockage in these arteries. There are many reasons for obstruction in vessels including fat, obesity, wrong diet, junk food, and excessive smoking, etc. The lack of proper blood circulation in the heart can decrease oxygen supply to the heart which may result in the heart failure and death of a person, but you can avoid the risk of death and chronic suffering by choosing coronary heart disease treatment in Chandigarh by the well-known heart specialist Dr. Bedi.

If you are looking for the best coronary artery disease treatment in Chandigarh, then you can consult with Dr. Bedi who is a specialist cardiologist and help you to cure the heart problems successfully. If you do not want to get surgical treatment for coronary heart disease, then Bedi Medical and Heart Centre is the best option for you because you can restore your heart health with the help of useful medications recommended by the doctors and also get help from yoga and other beneficial exercises.

Before starting the coronary heart disease treatment in Chandigarh, the doctor will examine your heartbeat and pulse rate so that you can completely understand the risk rate associated with the disease. After the thorough examination, the doctor will start the treatment with EECP technique. During the artery clearance treatment in Chandigarh, the nurse will wrap out the blood pressure cuffs around your legs and squeeze and release in synchronization with your heartbeat which will increase the blood flow in your heart and provide you relief from angina.

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